Pinch through the lull

Another recommended read… Pinch through the lull by Mike Ingham on Sail World …I found this concept resonates with my sailing of asymmetric spinnakers on Javelins as well.  I remember reading about the 18 Footer skills and how in a lull with their asymmetric spinnakers that they hold course in a lull in light winds because the apparent wind goes so far forward.  All you can do is wait. related post: Gust Response: Dynamic Balance to Windward

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The Final Beat

Sail Faster, Sail Quicker The guys at “The Final Beat” really have it together, in that they are providing a great resource of sailing information to improve your sailing.  The content is well founded and researched. There is a lot of great content, you’ll enjoy finding some good reads. link: The Final Beat

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Taming the Deathroll

It’s that almost uncontrollable rolling of the boat from side to side that happens when running dead downwind.  Often resulting in a windward crash gybe (a.k.a. A Chinese Gybe) and you in the drink. The vortex that peels off behind the sails sucks your sails to one side, this motion heels the boat over, the flow over the sails changes and it then goes back the other way.  This oscillating motion get bigger and bigger until you either tip over or you take action to restore the…

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