Evan’s Bay 2014 LTS :: Dinghy Capsize Recovery

There is always a cause to a capsize, it may be a mistake, or a unexpected puff.  Reflect on them and see if you can figure out why they happen.  Have a look at the following video and see if you can figure some of the things that contributed to the capsizes.

Put some effort into trying to save your boat from a capsize, you’ll be surprised at how effective you body weight can be an righting an almost up turned boat.

Also becoming efficient at recovering from a capsize is also very useful in saving your energy.  Instead of explain “how to” I have provided a couple of video playlists that’ll give you  a good insight into what we’ll be giving ago this Sunday.

Learn to Sail – students capsize recovery in 25 kts

This is a playlist from a past learn to sail course.  It goes to show that even in some of the toughest conditions you can right the boat.

YouTube Playlist Link :: Evan’s Bay Learn to Sail – 2012 Spring Saturdays :: Capsize Recovery

Capsize Recovery Examples

Dinghy capsize recovery examples from others

YouTube Playlist : : Sailing – Capsize Recovery